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Ulrik Deding
Department of Surgery, Odense University Hospital, Svendborg

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Start 01.02.2020  
Slut 31.12.2025  

Safety Of ColoRectal Assessment and Tumor Evaluation by Colon capsule endoscopy (SOCRATEC)

Short summary

The department of surgery, Odense University Hospital now has the option to refer patients for colon capsule endoscopy (CCE) in specific situations. We wish to investigate the quality of CCE and the completion rate in patients who have undergone an incomplete colonoscopy, have completed bowel preparation but declines colonoscopy or have been referred to colonoscopy in general anesthesia.\n


Following European guidelines patients undergoing colonoscopy in one of Odense University Hospitals units will now be offered a colon capsule endoscopy (CCE) in case of incomplete examinations. Patients formerly referred to colonoscopy in general anesthesia or patients who decline colonoscopy after having completed bowel preparation will also be offered a CCE. In our department we have conducted a comparison study documenting that the sensitivity of CCE is superior to CT colonography in both polyps >9 mm and polyps >5 mm, which is also supported by an Italian study. The safety and completion rate of CCE following incomplete colonoscopy is confirmed by several studies including one multicenter study and the completion rate is not significantly lower compared to other patient groups. In an incomplete colonoscopy it is always the most oral part of the colon which is not visualized, whereas in CCE, an incomplete investigation will most often have visualized the oral part. By combining incomplete colonoscopy results and incomplete CCE results we can identify patients who have had a complete colon investigation although both investigations were incomplete.\n

Description of the cohort

Adults undergoing colon capsule endoscopy following an incomplete colonoscopy, a referral for colonoscopy in general anestesia or withdrawal from colonoscopy in propofol sedation.\n

Data and biological material

Patient journal data.\n

Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of Surgery, Odense University Hospital