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PhD, project manager
Randi Bilberg
Research Unit of Clinical Alcohol Research, University of Southern Denmark

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Start 01.01.2021  
Slut 31.12.2022  

The wishes and needs of psychiatric nurses for research

Short summary

The focus strategy for Psychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark is to have the patient in center of all treatment, and secondary, to have at close cooperation between the clinical practices and the research with the purpose to develop best evidence-based treatment and care to psychiatric patients in Region of Southern Denmark. But what are the psychiatric nurses wishes and needs for researches in their daily clinical practices? This project will investigate the psychiatrics nurses wishes and needs for research in their field. By sending questionnaires to 550 psychiatric nurses, and afterwards, to interview 15 nurses to deepen the understanding of the answers from the questionnaires.


The research strategy for Psychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark focus on the patient being the center for all treatment, and on the fact that research creates value for the clinic practices. For this to be possible, close collaboration between the staff and the researchers is important. But what research does the staff, including the nurses, find most needed? What issues do they experience in their everyday lives that they would like to have explored in more depth? Nurses in psychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark have, so far, been invisible players in connection with the research and primarily contributed to providing data.

The aim, of this project, is to investigate which areas psychiatric nurses in the Region of Southern Denmark think are the greatest need to create nursing evidence-based knowledge about? The project is based on a questionnaire survey which is sent to 550 psychiatric nurses throughout the Region of Southern Denmark. Based on the answers of the questionnaires, 3 focus groups will be prepared with interviews of 5 nurses at Aabenraa - and Vejle Hospital and Odense University Hospital in order to deepen the understanding of the answers at the questionnaire. The purpose is to provide a base knowledge to make a new intervention project that includes all psychiatric nurses in the Region of Southern Denmark.

It is expected that the results of the first step will be published in the spring 2022, same time as the project description of the upcoming project is ready to be submitted to various foundations.

The project can help motivate and form the basis for a closer collaboration between researchers and psychiatric nurses regarding to improve research in psychiatric nursing, and, in the end, become a benefit to the patients.

Description of the cohort

All psychiatric nurses employed in a psychiatric hospital department of Vejle, Aabenraa and Odense are asked by a survey-questionnaire.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of Psychiatry in Vejle, Aabenraa and Odense

    Region of Southern Denmark