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Medical Student
Frederik Trier Kongensgaard
Research Unit for Acute Medicine, Sydvestjysk Sygehus

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Start 01.04.2012  
Slut 31.12.2015  

Prioritization of patients in a emergency department. Does Danish Emergency Process Triage (DEPT) identify critical patient courses correctly?

Short summary

The purpose of the study is to validate "Danish Emergency Process Triage" as a triage tool in the Southern Region of Denmark. Our approach is to compare the triage colour at consultation in an ED to predetermined outcomes that are charachteristic for a critical hospitalization.


Everyday patients with varying dregress of illnes are konsulted and treated in the Emergency Departments of Denmark. The amount of patients typically exceed the available ressourceres; therefore it is neccessary to priotize between patients with a triage system. Especially patients with time critical diseases must be consulted fast because of the increased risc of complications. In our ED's more than a million people are triaged and prioritized among every year however to this date our triage system "DEPT" is poorly studied in the published medicine.

Description of the cohort

All admitted patients to an ED in from 1st of april 2012 to the 31st of december 2015. - above 18 years old.

Data and biological material

Retrospecitve study with data from the Syddanske Akutkohorte.

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