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Consultant, head of research, associate professor,
Bjarke Viberg
Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology

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Start 04.11.2020  
Slut 01.10.2023  

Comparison of Nitinol staples and screws/plates in foot surgery

Short summary

In foot surgery, Nitinol staples are used more often instead of screws/plates. Studies show that staples hold compression longer, are easier to use and reduce operation time. However, the studies are small and we lack evidence on whether the staples increase quality. This despite the fact that staples are approx. 10 times more expensive than screws/plates. With this study, we want to investigate complications related to fixation of arthrodesis/osteotomies with staples compared to screws/plates.


The aim is to estimate complications related to fixation of arthrodesis/osteotomies with Nitinol staples compared to screws/plates in foot surgery.

Description of the cohort

Retrospective cohort study. Foot surgery patients operated at Kolding Hospital from 01.10.15 - 01.10.20. We expect 500 patients in each group.

Data and biological material

Age, sex, date of operation, diagnosis, side (left/right), re-operation, time of death, type of implant + location, type of fixation, diabetes, alcohol, smoking