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Medical doctor
Dennis Karimi
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Kolding Hospital

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Start 29.09.2021  
Slut 29.09.2021  

Scandinavian Humeral diAphysal Fracture Trial (SHAFT): A Pragmatic Randomized Clinical Trial

Short summary

High level evidens on the topic of humeral shaft fractures are very sparse. The aim is to compare treatment effect between surgical and non-surgical treatment in a multicenter RCT, including hospitals from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The primary outcome is DASH, a patient-reported outcome, after 52 weeks. The surgical approach will be surgeon-dependent and the study population will be divided into two age groups to increase the interpretation of results.


The outcome of non-surgical treatment is generally good, but the treatment course can be long and painful with approximately a quarter of the patients acquiring a nonunion. Both surgical and non-surgical treatment can have disabling consequences such as nerve injury, infection and nonunion. The purpose of the study is to compare patient reported outcome after surgical and non-surgical treatment for humeral shaft fractures.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Zealand University Hospital

  • Bamo Jalal
  • Stig Brorson

Kolding Hospital

  • Christian Cavallius

Oslo University Hospital

  • Kaare Midgaard
  • Tore Fjalestad

Stavanger Hospital

  • Aksel
  • Paulsen

Uppsala University Hospital

  • Olof Wolf

Göteborg University Hospital

  • Carl Ekholm

Hvidovre University Hospital of Copenhagen

  • Søren Kring