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Peter Hjorth
Psychiatric Hospital of Vejle, Denmark

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Start 04.01.2021  
Slut 29.01.2021  

Need for health promotion among outpatients with psychotic illnesses

Short summary

A systematic screening scheme was developed in collaboration amongst clinicians and researchers behind this study. Ultimo September 2020 we will collect a sample size of 200 outpatients with psychotic disorders to investigate their need of health-promoting services by using this screening scheme.

Due to the high prevalence of physical illnesses amongst people with psychotic disorders, it is paramount that the health system establishes a sustainable solution to this issue.


Background: People with psychotic disorders have a higher risk of physical illnesses compared to the general population. This leads to reduced life expectancy up to 25 years. The physical illnesses are of-ten caused by neglect of self-care and medical side effects. Therefore, it is possible to treat and pre-vent these illnesses through lifestyle interventions . These interventions include diet, exercise and sleep adjustments as well as cessation of alcohol and smoking.

In Denmark, health promoting services are offered free of charge in regional and municipal health centers. It is, however, difficult for the pa-tients to gain benefits from the already existing services, and as a result, the utilization rate is very low. Therefore, it is essential first to identify the patients who have difficulty in benefiting from health pro-moting services. Consequently, it will be possible henceforth to determine the optimal way to help peo-ple with psychotic disorders improve their physical health through interventions. Nevertheless, the implementation of a clinical study can be arduous and depends on the cooperativeness of the clinical staff and calls for suggestions to resolve this issue.

Description of the cohort

A total of 200 clinical outpatients with psychotic disorders (ICD-10-CM code F29) as main diagnosis will be consecutively enrolled from three Danish psychiatric outpatient clinics.

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Blood samples

Body Mass Index

Collaborating researchers and departments

Psychiatric Department Haderslev

    Psychiatric Department Svendborg

      Psychiatric Department Vejle