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PhD student
Dimitar Yordanov
University of Southern Denmark, Department of Public Health, Danish Centre for Health Economics

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Projekt status    Open
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Start 02.03.2021  
Slut 31.12.2028  

Societal Impact of Research-Based Knowledge in Health Care

Short summary

The PINCH project focuses on a research question that is of the utmost importance for society: How do we ensure that the knowledge generated by large investments in research reaches our end-users and generates societal impact in terms of improved health and increased productivity? In this production chain, the general practitioner (GP) is a crucial, but also a potentially weak link.


A novel feature of the PINCH project is that we explore factors that are external to the GP (e.g. payment schemes, networks, and workload) as well as factors, which are internal to the GP (e.g. their public sector motivation, intrinsic motivation, and user orientation), and test for potential interactions between these external and internal factors. Four natural/designed experiments are exploited to verify the impact of various types of policy instruments on implementation of research-based knowledge.

We focus on the impact of monetary incentives, mandatory networking, nudging, and sudden increased workload on the equitable and timely implementation of research-based knowledge, and the associated socio-economic implications.

This project provides a unique opportunity to improve our understanding of how policy makers can influence health care professionals' behaviour to ensure optimal and equitable use of research-based knowledge.

Description of the cohort

All GPs registered in Denmark.

Data and biological material

Questionnaire data related to GPs motivation, job satisfaction, and workload.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Danish Centre for Health Economics

    Research Unit of General Practice