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senior registrar
Julie Ladeby Erichsen
Department of Orthopedic surgery and traumatology OUH

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Start 01.09.2021  
Slut 01.09.2031  

Clinical Research database for patients with obstetric plexus brachial injury (OBPI)

Short summary

Prospective database for patients with OBPI with registration of NARAKAS classification, Range of motion, Mallet and AMS score and operation methods


An obstetric plexus bracial injury happens during birth. It is a rare injury and knowledge on this subject is lacking. This database will gather information on classification, primary surgery time and method, secondary komplications and surgery methods. Range of motion, MAllet and AMS score.

Description of the cohort

Patients up to 18 years of age with OBPI will be included in the database . Patients will be included in the Plexus out patient Clinic.

Data and biological material

Birth date, birth method, birth weight. Range of motion, Mallet score every year from age 4 to 18. AMS score from birth to 4 years of age 3, 6 and 12 months and 2 and 3 years.