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Carina Ørts Christensen
Department of Oncology, Odense University Hospital

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Start 01.09.2013  
Slut 01.09.2015  

Treatment of breast cancer and risk of osteoporosis.

Short summary

Today 90% of breast cancer patients who underwent surgery, receive systemic treatments with chemotherapy, anti-HER2-treatment and endocrine therapy depending on the biomarker profile of the primary tumor. Since survival after breast cancer has improved substantially, it becomes important to focus on potential harmful late-effects of the cancer treatment, such as osteoporosis.


In a clinical prospective study 100 early-stage breast cancer patients with radical surgery, were referred to the department of oncology, Odense University Hospital for adjuvant treatment. The aim was to evaluate the risk of osteoporosis. The patients were offered a DXA-scan of spine, hip and forearm and an Xtreme CT scan of radius and tibia at baseline before their first cycle of chemotherapy. A second DXA and Xtreme CT scan approximately 3 weeks after their last cycle of chemotherapy, and a 3rd DXA/CTscan performed one year after the baseline scans.

Description of the cohort

Early-stage breast cancer patients who underwent surgery and afterwards were referred to the department of oncology for adjuvant systemic treatment.

Data and biological material

Baseline data abstracted from patient records regarding surgery, pathology reports, co-morbidity, prior cancers, medication, health related data, adjuvant cancer-directed treatment DXA scan of spine, hip and forearm. Xtreme CT of radius and tibia Questionnaire which the enrolled patients answered at the 1-year follow up scan.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Institute of Clinical Research, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark

  • Professor, MD, DMSc Marianne Ewertz

Department of Endocrinology, Odense University Hospital

  • MD, PhD, Associate professor, Chief Physician Anne Pernille Hermann