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PhD student
Peter Hertz
Department of Regional Health Research

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Start 30.09.2021  
Slut 30.04.2023  

Development of an evidence-based training curriculum for robotic-assisted surgery

Short summary

Robotic surgery is increasing in both types and numbers of procedures. To keep the surgeons fully qualified relevant training and also reliable assessment should be offered. There is a need for structured basic robotic skills education and also procedure-specific training and assessment. Before assessing surgeons's qualifications comprehensive studies must be made to gather validity data to offer reliable assessments.



- Define cross-specialty consensus on basic learning goals for robotic surgery

- Gather validity data when performing a robotic-assisted right-sided colectomy both in the clinical and simulated setting.

Description of the cohort

Robotic surgeons from europe

Data and biological material

Video from surgery and Pathological assessment

Collaborating researchers and departments

Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation

  • Flemming Bjerrum
  • Lars Konge