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Per Bruno Jensen
Dept. of Nephrology, Odense Universityhospital

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Start 15.02.2021  
Slut 15.02.2023  

The Effect of COVID-19 vaccination in hemodialysispatients - COVAC-HD

Short summary

Earlier trials has shown severe difficulties in gaining an immunersponse after vaccination of people in hemodialysis. This has been demonstarted after vaccinationtrials with traditional vaccines. We set up an investtigation of the immunersponse in adult hemodialysispatients after vaccination with COVID-19 vaccine, no matter the type, to monitor the level of antibodies to COVID 19 at predefined intervals for the next two years.


Vaccination is difficult , because of reduced immunereponse in hemodialysis patients. The aim of this study was to investigate if the new vaccines could produce a better and perhaps even a sustained immunereponse, in adult hemodialysis patients.

Description of the cohort

The participants was included among adults with chronic kidney disease stadium 5d, recieving hemodialysis in the southern region of Denmark at the dept. of hemodialysis in Esbjerg, Kolding, Svendborg and Odense.

Data and biological material

Demografic data will be collected from the patients journal and blod samples will be drawn from the dialysisaccess.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Dept. of nephrology, Kolding Hospital.

  • Anne Daugaard Thuesen
  • Rikke Juul-Sandberg
  • Annie Rosenfeldt Knudsen

Dept. of Nephrology, Esbjerg Hospital

  • Majbritt Grønborg Knudsen

Dept. of Nephrology, Odense Universityhospital

  • Claus Bistrup
  • Erik Bo Pedersen
  • Michael Aarup
  • Per Bruno Jensen