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MD, PhD Ass. Prof.
Ole Graumann
Research and Innovation Unit of Radiology, Odense University Hospital

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Start 01.12.2021  
Slut 01.12.2026  

Cryoablation of renal cancer

Short summary

In Denmark, more than 950 patients are diagnosed with renal cancer annually. Most renal tumors are detected at random and at an early stage. Treatments that preserve kidney function are highly prioritized. CT guided Cryoablation is minimally invasive and is considered the most gentle treatment with as little kidney damage as possible. During the procedure the patient is placed in a CT scanner and needles are inserted in the tumor guided by the CT scanner to ensure proper placement.


The purpose of the project is to build a database from which various studies in the field will be prepared.

Description of the cohort

Collection of data:

Inclusion criteria:

- Patients treated with cryoablation of renal tumors in the period January 2014 and prospectively from this point

- Both malignant and benign tumors are included

Exclusion criteria:

- When cryoablation is not the primary treatment

- Tumor not derived from the kidney (metastasis, lymphoma)

Patients are identified in the local X-ray information system (RIS). Data are collected from RIS and the local digital image archive (PACS) with respect to diagnostic image findings and the electronic patient record for other details.

Data and biological material

Clinical information:

- ECOG performance status score

- ASA score

- Hereditary RCC syndrome

- Family history of kidney cancer (only first-degree relatives)

- Smoking status

- Weight in kg

- Height in cm

- Body mass index (BMI)

- Overweight (BMI> 30)

Paraclinical information:

- Serum creatinine, unit of measurement and date of measurement


- Cockcrot-Gault

- C-reactive protein (CRP) <0.6

- Serum C-reactive protein (optional) -mg / L, and date of measurement

- X-ray of the thorax - histologically confirmed - date of scan

- CT / MRI of chest - histologically confirmed - date of scan

- CT / MRI of abdomen - histologically confirmed - date of scan

- Bone scintigraphy - histologically confirmed - date of scan

- PET-CT - histologically confirmed - date of scan

Cryo intervention:

Intervention technique, including duration and cost

- Percutaneous UL-guided

- Percutaneous CT guide

- Percutaneous MR-guided

- Percutaneous 3D CT guide

- The laparoscopic assistant

- The robot assistant

- Open operation

- Anesthesia / sedation

- Guiding

- Needle type

Description of the procedure, possible complications, date of discharge, postoperative complications within 30 days after surgery (must be related to the cryoablation), clavien score - specify this score, readmission within 30 days after the procedure.

Imaging follow-up:

- 3 months control scan - date of scan - type of scan

- 6 months control scan - date of scan - type of scan

- 1 year control scan - date of scan - type of scan

- 3 years control scan - date of scan - type of scan

- 5 years control scan - date of scan - type of scan