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Start 01.09.2021  
Slut 31.08.2022  

Mapping pregnant women's path through the Danish health care system - a descriptive study on current clinical practice

Short summary

The overall aim is to obtain knowledge on the clinical practice to increase the quality of the Danish antenatal and obstetric care. We will map pregnant women's path through the Danish health care system by a systematic and thorough review of the women's obstetric medical records.


Every year approximately 60,000 children are born in Denmark. During the last 20 years the obstetric specialty has developed rapidly. Authorities have incorporated several changes in procedures during pregnancy to risk assess and screen women with i.e. oral glucose tolerance test and ultrasonic screening. During labour interventions have also become more frequent. The increase in interventions during labour and procedures during pregnancy requires more surveillance and qualified clinical staff which again increase the strain on the obstetric departments and the health care system. According to current national guidelines all pregnant women should be offered 9-12 contacts with national health service during their pregnancy. The expected content of these appointments along with guidelines on interventions during labour are specified in danish guidelines for maternity health care, but there is no complete review on what women actually experience in the antenatal care and during labour.

To ensure that every woman gets the best possible care during pregnancy and labour, and to minimize any potential unnecessary interventions this study aims to map the current clinical practice in pregnant women's path through pregnancy and labour in the Danish health care system and to systematically identify reasons for contacts and frequent interventions and procedures in the hospital setting.

Description of the cohort

Women who gave birth after week 22+0 at one of four obstetric departments in the period 01-01-2019 to 31-12-2019. The four departments are located at Odense University Hospital (including the smaller obstetric department at Svendborg Hospital), Lillebaelt Hospital, Kolding, and the Regional Hospital in Horsens.

Data and biological material

Data from patient journals

Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, OUH

  • Christina Anna Vinter, Ass. Professor, Ph.D
  • Louise Katrine Kjær Weile, Midwife in charge, Ph.D