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Anette Søgård Nielsen
Regina Christiansen
Unit of Clinical Alcohol Research

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Start 01.10.2021  
Slut 15.06.2021  

Study of the user experience of the publicly funded alcohol treatment

Short summary

In the study we investigate how people with alcohol problems experience being in public alcohol treatment. The survey will include interviews, questionnaires and relevant statistics. By gaining insight into the quality of alcohol treatment, the aim is to assist more people with alcohol problems getting the right help. The study will be the first of its kind in Denmark and it is therefore an important piece of work in improving existing alcohol treatment. The results can help municipal alcohol tr


The National Board of Health estimates that 140,000 Danes have alcohol abuse, while 600,000 Danes have a harmful alcohol intake. In 2020, the National Board of Health issued a service check of publicly funded alcohol treatment to uncover the quality of alcohol treatment. The National Board of Health's service check shows that only 17,500 Danes were in alcohol treatment in 2018, of which approx. 8,000 of those had previously been in treatment. There is therefore a large group of Danes who do not get the help for their alcohol problems. In the Service Check, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority focuses on organizational and clinical quality, but the patient-experienced quality is still absent in Danish studies of alcohol treatment.

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