OPEN Research Support

PhD Student, Master in Medical Imaging
Martin Weber Kusk
Dept. of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Hospital of Southwest Jutland

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Projekt status    Closed
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Start 05.12.2021  
Slut 01.06.2023  

Ultra-Lowdose CT for the evaluation of left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF)-comparison with MRI and MUGA-scanning.

Short summary

.An ultra-lowdose CT protocol for LVEF measurement has been developed, based on phantom- and simulation studies. The study aims to test the LVEF accuracy of this protocol against MRI (gold standard) and MUGA (current standard of care). LVEF acuracy will primarily be compared using Blnd-Altman analysis. Artificial motion artefacsts will be inserted to image data and measurements repeated, to test robustness of the protocol at high and irregular heart rates.


CT-derived has been shown to correllate well with cardiac MRI, which is considered the reference standard, but has not been used routinely, due to high radiation exposure. Due to MRI availability and potential contraindications, MUGA scans are currently used for LVEF,. If successful, this may enable LVEF measurement concurrent with routine follow-up chest-abdomen-pelvis CT. This could potentially create a one-stop protocol, which could also be extended to PET-CT. Analysis of motin influence on LVEF accuracy can help quantify variability associated movement (of different types) and reduced scanner temporal resolution.

Description of the cohort

Patients referred from dept. of Oncology for LVEF measurement by MUGA(NM) scan.

Data and biological material

Patient demographics, procedure-related data (radiation dose, administered radioactivity duration, measured LVEF). Image data will be stored separately.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Assoc. Prof. Shane Foley PhD, School of Medicine, University College Dublin