OPEN Research Support

PhD student
Anders Wieghorst
Department of Psychology, University of Southern Denmark

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Projekt status    Open
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Start 01.04.2021  
Slut 30.03.2024  

Brain Test after Cardiac Arrest

Short summary

Every year approximately 800 people survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in Denmark. Around 30% to 50% of those will develop cognitive deficits from hypoxic injuries to the brain. This project aims to develop and validate a digital screening tool for cognitive deficits in the OHCA


Too many OHCA patients are discharged without the knowledge of their, often subtle but significant, cognitive deficits, which lead to problems with stress, identity, social and work-related issues that add to the personal and societal costs.

This project aims to:

1) to develop a Digital Test Battery (DTB)

2) to validate DTB as a screening tool for cognitive deficits in the OHCA population and compare it to existing pen and paper (P&P) screening tools.

3) to assess the predictive validity of DTB in relation to return to work, quality of life, psychological distress and self-reported problems.

Description of the cohort

Out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA)

Data and biological material

Cognitive test: MoCA Subtest from D-KEFS, WAIS IV, RAVLT and CANTAB PROMS: Returnering to Work ITQ (trauma) USER-P (daily activities) EQ-5D (quality of life) HADS (anxiety and depression)