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Mette Steenkjaer Lund
Department of Physio- and Occupational therapist, Kolding, hospital Lillebaelt, Denmark

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Start 01.04.2022  
Slut 30.06.2022  

Assessment of hospitalized patients with stroke and vision problems

Short summary

The study aims to develop a questionnaire for use in the acute phase for patients with stroke and vision problems.

We want to identify the number of patients having vision problems in the acute phase and in long term. In the future, we hope the questionnaire and the knowledge gained will be useful to others.


In Denmark there will be 12.941 hospitalized yearly with the diagnose stroke. It is assumed that 60 % of the patients with stroke in addition to well-known symptoms like half-sided paralysis also experience problems with vision.

From the clinical practice, we have observed that patients with vision problems often complains about blurred vision and double vision resulting in reading difficulties. Moreover, Patients with visions problems often experience dizziness, orientation difficulties and impact on balance. Patients with vision problems can be described in three main groups

1) problems with eye movements

2) field of view loss

3) Neglect.

The purpose with the project:

- To identify patients with a vision problem after stroke when they are hospitalized and as well 30-40 days after

- To identify if the balance at the hospitalization time can predict the group of patients with long-lasting vision problems

- To identify motor and functional issues at patients with long-lasting vision problems

Description of the cohort

From the first of May 2022 and until the 30th June a total of 300 hospitalized patients are expected to be included from the department of Neurology, Kolding Hospital

Data and biological material

The following data will be collected during hospitalization and one month after discharge Demographic data, diagnosis, place of haemorrhage/ infarct, habitual, and actual functional status. The latter with a distinct focus on balance, walking distance and activities of daily living. Lastly, data on eye movements, field of view and neglect.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of Regional Health Research, Department of Neurology, Kolding Hospital

  • Clinical Associate Professor, Henrik Boye Jensen

Faculty of Health Sciences

    Department of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy; Department of Regional Health Research

    • Physical Therapist, Inge Bruun. PhD, post.doc

    University Hospital of Southern Denmark; Faculty of Health Sciences