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Lone Kjeld Petersen
Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics OUH

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Start 31.07.2022  
Slut 31.07.2027  

HERA - HIPEC kombineret med ERAS til behandling af Kræft i Æggestokkene.

Short summary

HIPEC for Ovarian Cancer is a combination of extensive surgery and heated chemotherapy applied directly in the peritoneal cavity during the operation. Although the treatment may increase survival for patients having HIPEC , the combined treatment is associated with a substantial risk of complications. To minimize side effects we have designed an Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Program which aims to prevent major complication ie ileus, thromboembolic events and postoperative infections.


Patients with ovarian cancer are treated by extensive surgery combined with postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy. In order to complete treatment postoperative complication must be minimized.

ERAS is known to reduce postoperative complications.

The aim of this study is to combine HIPEC with ERAS in ovarian cancer patients in order to reduce postoperative complications

Description of the cohort

Patients referred to the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics for ovarian cancer who have received neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Exclusion criterias are:

Age > 75 years

Performance status >2

Non radical operation with tumor element > 2,5 mm

Data and biological material

Prospective data collection on clinical data from the patient files combined with data from the RKKP DGCD database

Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Rigshospitalet Denmark