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Medical student (Master of Science in Medicine)
Mohammed Mahmoud Daoud
Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

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Start 24.06.2022  
Slut 01.01.2024  

Mentor-Mentee Need assessment

Short summary

The department of Clinical Research has issued a working group to discuss possible interventions and strategies that aim to support the development of medical students, from students to clinical functioning physicians. The working group agreed that a mentor-mentee program where undergrad medical students get attached to a clinical department and an associated clinical mentor might be beneficial. This study aims to investigate the need and evaluate the design of such a program.


In recent years the impact on medical students regarding mental health, study satisfaction, and study structure has been an important field to address. Several studies indicate that medical students and young doctors have a higher level of anxiety than the general population, whereas high anxiety levels impact professional performance and quality of life.

While most medical schools consist of a bachelor's degree (Preclinical) and master's degree (clinical), the curriculum and clinical content in the preclinical phase differs significantly. Studies have shown that medical students experience the transition between preclinical and clinical training as a stressful period. A study published in BMC Medical Education suggests that the problems faced during the transition period may be mainly related to the process of socialization and conclude that early patient contact seem beneficial to ameliorate the shock of practice and prepare students for clinical work. A study assessment done by The Association of Danish Medical Students (FADL) in 2021 concluded that medical students in SDU, to a greater extent, desire clinical stays to build their professional identity. Moreover, only 11% of the students believed that there is an appropriate amount of clinics incorporated into the curriculum.

The Department of Clinical Research (KI) at SDU aims to support the development of medical students, from students to clinical functioning physicians. The working group issued by KI suggests that a mentor-mentee program may be beneficial to support the students, and studies indicate the need to address and respond actively to the issues mentioned above. However, an internal study is critical to clarify the need for such a program and adequately evaluate the initial design.

The objective of the present study is to evaluate

1. The need for earlier Clinical Exposure.

2. The need for a clinical mentor.

3. The design of a mentor-mentee program through a pragmatic approach.

Description of the cohort

Questionnaire 1

Will be distributed to medical students from SDU in the clinical phase. Inclusion criteria are medical students in the clinical phase with a B.Sc. in medicine attained from SDU.

Questionnaire 2

Will be distributed to medical students from SDU in the pre-clinical phase.


Will include the participants of the Mentor-Mentee pilot project and other medical students.

Data and biological material

Surveys and Transcribed interviews

Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Odense University Hospital. Department of Respiratory Medicine, Odense University Hospital. Department of Rheumatology, Odense University Hospital.