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Attending physician
Martin Wirenfeldt Nielsen
Department of Pathological Anatomy and Molecular Biology, Hospital South West Jutland, Esbjerg, Denmark

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Projekt status    Open
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Start 01.03.2023  
Slut 29.02.2028  

STAIN (Stroke And Inflammation)

Short summary

Determining the expression of transcriptomes, enzymes, inflammatory proteins and their associated receptors in brain tissue from diseased humans with stroke.


By applying spatial transcriptomics and sequencing, cell- and protein specific markers and immunohistochemical techniques the expression of proteins and receptors in brain tissue will be determined from diseased patients with stroke and age-matched diseased without stroke. We hope to provide new knowledge that can contribute to developing new treatments, which can counteract diseases processes in the affected brain tissue.

Description of the cohort

Brain tissue from the Brain Collection is used for these experiments. Tissue from patients with stroke is included in the study as well as control tissue from patients without stroke.

Data and biological material

Brain tissue and patient data from medical records and pathology reports is used in this study.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of Molecular Medicine, University of Southern Denmark

  • Bettina Hjelm Clausen
  • Kate Lykke Lambertsen
  • Sarah Boe Tidgen
  • Vijay Tiwari