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Søren Bie Bogh
Research unit OPEN

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Start 08.08.2022  
Slut 08.08.2024  

Analyzes of patient letters as a supplement to clinical data

Short summary

This project presents a new way of studying quality in cancer treatment. Based on cancer patients' claims for compensation, we will use a method for investigating and categorizing quality breaches as they are described in patients' claims for compensation. This categorization enables 'quantification' of the patient's perspective on the course of treatment. For the quantification, a standardized tool is used. It describes the types of problems (e.g., regarding quality or communication), where in


The purpose of the project is to investigate whether this form of 'Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)' can contribute to increased knowledge in addition to the already collected clinical data under the auspices of the Regions' Clinical Quality Development Program (RKKP) and ultimately contribute to the improvement of treatment quality.