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Tobias Gull Brandt
Research Unit at The Center for Digital Psychiatry

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Start 01.10.2022  
Slut 15.09.2023  

3V3 - Comparison between 360 degree videos in virtual reality and 3D animated virtual reality for use in treatment of public speaking anxiety

Short summary

The goal of the present study is to compare two novel forms of virutal reality, 360 degree videos and 3D animated virtual reality to examine their individual ability to perform on parameters important for successful exposure therapy. 20 participant were recruited and assigned to one session of a scenario in either 360 degrees video or 3D animated virtual reality. Participants rated their anxiety pre and post scenario, aswell as rating their feeling of presence and simulator sickness following.


As Virtual reality (VR) becomes more commecially available, using VR in treatment is becoming more popular. Research in treating anxiety disorders using VR exposure therapy, shows positive results when compared to in-vivo exposure. However little research has been done comparing different types of VR. This study is a comparision between two forms of VR, on a basis of parameters important to succesful exposure therapy. Running hypothesis is a positive correlation between presence and anxiety.

Description of the cohort

Participants include students aged 18 or above, capable of completing the virtual reality scenario, who scores beyond the cut-off point on a screening for Public Speaking Anxiety.

Data and biological material

Personal information such as name, age, handicaps and illness (Which would exclude participation) Questionnaire data on subjective anxiety (Pre and Post), Feeling of presence in VR (Post), Simulator sickness (Post)

Collaborating researchers and departments

Center for Digital Psychiatry

  • Per Trads Ørskov, Post Doc