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Marianne Kirstine Thygesen
Gynaecology obstetric department

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Start 15.09.2022  
Slut 31.12.2023  

Video consultations between home and hospital: an implementation project

Short summary

Video is not used for consultations in an amount that might be wished for among patients. After learning about and training in techniques of video and the Calgery Cambridge Guide, eight healthcare professionals lead more than 50 video consultations in one day. This day, support and feed back persons were present. Data include healthcare professional performance and experiences, as well as patient experiences.


Some patients benefit in participating in a distance consultation with a healthcare professional from the hospital. A telephone consultation is possible, but visual elements are lacking. It seems that approximately one out of five patients wish a video consultation, but, by far, this is not offered. We aimed to investigate how healthcare professionals incorporated knowledge from an educational program in communication and in video consultations, and how patients and healthcare professionals experienced the set-up. Further, we aimed to investigate whether video consultation would give an additional consultation at the hospital.

Description of the cohort

- Healthcare professionals from Gynecology with experiences in telephone consultations. - Danish speaking and reading patients in different ages and from more outpatient clinics, where physicians did not found a need for patients to be present in the clinic. Patients had to have a device with Internet access and had to be able to sign a document electronically.

Data and biological material

Social register number, phone number, outpatient clinic, consultation time, whether a relative participated, and whether healthcare professionals booked an additional consultation at the hospital. Moreover, healthcare professionals' development in communication skills, and patients' and healthcare professionals' experiences with the set-up.

Collaborating researchers and departments

MitSygehus, Klinisk IT, Odense University Hospital

  • Linea Bagger Clausen

CimC, Klinisk Udvikling, Odense University Hospital

  • Laura Trier-Mørch

Kvalitet og patientsamarbejde, Klinisk Udvikling, Odense University Hospital

  • Heidi Faurholdt
  • Christina Louise Lindhardt

Gynecology and obstetrics, Odense University Hospital

  • Maria Monberg Feenstra
  • Louise Rosenlund
  • Solveig Jensen
  • Pia Dybdal