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Morten Borg
Lillebaelt Hospital Vejle

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Projekt status    Open
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Start 01.12.2022  
Slut 31.12.2022  

Audit of lung cancer patients in stage IA and IV

Short summary

As part of a nationwide study, the project will perform auditing of stage IA lung cancer patients to determine the referral type for CT scan (Suspicion of lung cancer or incidental finding) Stage IV lung cancer patients will be audited to see if a previous CT scan had been performed within two years before diagnosis. If that is the case, it will we reviewed if an infiltrate was seen and potentially the origin of the stage IV lung cancer.


To perform an evaluation of refferal patterns in stage IA lung cancer and to assess the quality of follow up of small nodule/infiltrates by retrospectively reviewing stage IV lung cancer CT scans.

Description of the cohort

Lung cancer patients stage IA and IV in the years 2020-2022.

Data and biological material

Data from patient journals