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Henriette Tind Hasse
Oncological department, Odense university Hospital

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Start 03.01.2022  
Slut 01.09.2023  

Treating patients with incurable cancer: costs and quality of life

Short summary

To evaluate the QoL in patients receiving both curative and non-curative medicine for their cancer disease we conducted a survey including individuals with all solide tumor cancers recieving cancer targeted drugs at the dept. of oncology, OUH. The survey was repeated every 3 months over 1 year. Data from the survey is supplemented with patient journal data and register data.


Cancer is one of the leading couses of death in the western world. Treatment oppertunities and effect have improved over the years, but not much is know about how the treatments effect QoL.

The aim of the study is to evaluate how cancer targeted drugs effect QoL over time in patients suffering from cancer, especially if the cancer is non-curable.

Description of the cohort

All patients recieving cancer targeted drugs at the dept. of oncology at Odense University hospital

Data and biological material

Questionnaire data, registerdata, and patient journal data

Collaborating researchers and departments

department of Oncology, Odense university hospital

  • Thea O. Mattsson
  • Katrine Schønnemann

Danish Center for health economics (DaCHE), SDU

  • Søren Rud Kristensen
  • Trine Kjær