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Project Manager
Bettina Mølri Knudsen
Center for Shared Decision Making, Lillebaelt Hospital

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Start 01.10.2022  
Slut 30.09.2027  

Design-based Data-Driven Decision-support Tools: Producing Improved Cancer Outcomes Through User-Centred Research

Short summary

The 4D PICTURE project aims to help cancer patients, their families, and healthcare providers better understand their options. It supports their treatment and care choices, at each stage of disease, by drawing on large amounts of evidence from different types of European data. The project involves experts from many different specialist areas who are based in nine European countries. The overall aim is to improve the cancer patient journey and ensure personal preferences are respected.


Patients with cancer often have to make complex decisions about treatment, with the options varying in risk profiles and effects on survival and quality of life. Data-driven decision-support tools (DSTs) have the potential to empower patients, support personalized care, improve health outcomes, and promote health equity (optimal decisions also for underserved groups). However, DSTs currently seldom consider quality of life or individual preferences, and their use in clinical practice remains limited. To address these challenges, the 4D PICTURE consortium will further develop a promising methodology, MetroMapping, to redesign care paths that include novel DSTs. We will better predict treatment outcomes by developing innovative algorithms and incorporating patient experiences, values and preferences, using AI-based models.

Description of the cohort

Patiens diagnosed with breast cancer or prostate cancer - all patients enrolled in the study are currently involved in a cancer pathway at Vejle Hospital - part of Lillebaelt Hospital.

Data and biological material

The project consists of six technical work pages - each with varying approach to data collection. Primarily, we will use questionnaires, observations, interviews and audio recordings in the data collection process. Both patients and clinicians involved in the care path of breast and prostate cancer will be involved.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Center for Shared Decision Making, Lillebaelt Hospital

  • Karina Dahl Steffensen