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Camilla Schade Skov
Department of Emergency Medicine

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Start 25.09.2023  
Slut 18.01.2025  

Factors of importance for sepsis survivors - a qualitative study.

Short summary

This is a qualitative study in which we identified 20 sepsis patients admitted through the Emergency Department (ED) who were invited to an interview after discharge. Using semi structured interview we investigate the impact of sepsis on the patient's everyday life, and what factors are of importance among sepsis survivors.


Sepsis is a life threatening condition characterized by organ dysfunction in relation to an infection. Those who survive are at high risk of long-term sequelae including muscle weakness, fatigue, cognitive impairments, and frequent hospital readmission. The impact of sepsis on patient's everyday life after discharge seen from the patient's own perspective is unknown.

We therefore aim to understand and identify factors of importance for sepsis survivors, admitted through the ED, in relation to their everyday life. Through their experiences we wish to understand the consequences of sepsis seen from the patient's perspective.

Description of the cohort

Adult patients admitted through the ED at Odense University Hospital who are diagnosed with sepsis within 24 hours after arrival. To cover the diversity among post sepsis patients, we include patients with different sex and within different age-groups. Further, different infection focus and variation in organ failures among the patients are preferred. The patients are identified in the ED or general ward and contacted before discharge.

Data and biological material

The patients are invited to a semi structured interview approximately three months after discharge from the hospital.