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Mariam Badr
Klinisk farmakologi, farmaci og Miljømedicin

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Data indsamlingsdatoer
Start 01.02.2023  
Slut 01.06.2023  

Placeringen af doseringsetiketter

Short summary

In this project, it is investigated what effect it has on the citizens and nursing home staff if the pharmacy places the dosage label on the inner packaging and the outer packaging.

It is investigated by developing a questionnaire for the customers at the pharmacy and a questionnaire for the staff responsible for medication at nursing homes.


According to the prescription order, the dosage labels must be placed on the inside of the packaging of medicines that are dispensed at the pharmacy and on medicines that are delivered, which has its challenges in practice in the country's pharmacies, as one e.g. can risk covering up important information, you risk the citizen throwing away the box and the patient information leaflet, you break the sealed packaging, and it can be difficult with some packages to place the label on the inside of the packaging due to the size and shape of the package or other things. However, it is not known to what extent the location of the dosage labels is important for; - citizens' risk of throwing away the box and the patient information leaflet, - the pharmacy staff risk of covering important information on the inside of the packaging, - employees' medication handling in home care and in nursing homes. It is therefore interesting to investigate the above at the country's pharmacies and nursing homes.

Description of the cohort

Customers who pick up medicine for themselves or for relatives at Danish pharmacies. Staff responsible for medicine at Danish nursing home.

Data and biological material

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