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Ingrid Louise Titlestad
Department of Lung Medicine, Odense University Hospital

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Start 01.04.2016  
Slut 01.09.2021  

NEXT - Center for Respiratory Diseases

Short summary

NEXT is established to boost Denmark as an attractive country for early phase clinical trials. An important aspect is to ensure fast and predictable patient recruitment to trials. NEXT- Center for Respiratory Diseases Database will include patients with Asthma, COPD and Pulmonary fibrosis, along with certain clinical and paraclinical information, relevant for determining patient suitability for a given trial. Thus the database will be an important tool for efficient and predictable patient recruitment to clinical trials.



NEXT partnership is a public-private partnership working to improve the processes for performing clinical trials in Denmark, and to make Denmark an attractive country for performing clinical trials. NEXT - center for respiratory diseases consist of six respiratory disease departments from across Denmark, who are collaborating closely on efficient performance of clinical trials.


One of the major challenges in performing clinical trials is the recruitment of suitable patients for the trial. Efficient and predictable patient recruitment is one important key to a successful clinical trial. In order to facilitate predictability of specific patient populations and recruitment to clinical trials, NEXT - Center for Respiratory Diseases Database will be established.


The Database will contain information about patients with Asthma, COPD or pulmonary fibrosis. Only patients who have given consent to be registered and contacted for future clinical trials, will be registered in the database. The database will contain contact information as well as relevant clinical and para-clinical information for determining suitability for specific clinical trials. This information will be collected from patients' records, National Patient Registry and the Danish Clinical Registries. The database will allow for searches for specific clinical parameters, thus allowing for improved estimates of the size of a specific patient population, and efficient recruitment to trials.


Description of the cohort

The database will contain information on patients over 18 years of age with Respiratory Diseases (COPD, Asthma, and pulmonary fibrosis), who has given consent to be listed in the database. Patients will be offered the opportunity to be listed in the database, if relevant, when in contact with one of the participating departments.


Data and biological material

The Database will contain name, cpr number and contact information, as well as health information relevant for determining suitability for participation in specific clinical trials. The health data will be retrieved from patient records, National Patient Registry and Danish Clinical Registries. 


Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of Respiratory Medicine, Odense University Hospital

  • Consultant Ingrid Titlestad

Research Unit of Respiratory Medicine, Bispebjerg Hospital

  • Professor Vibeke Backer

Department of Respiratory Medicine, Næstved Hospital

  • Consultant Uffe Bødtger
Department of Respiratory Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital

  • Consultan Anders Løkke Ottesen
Department of Respiratory Medicine, Aalborg University Hospital

  • Consultant Carl Nielsen
Department of Respiratory Medicine, Hvidovre Hospital

  • Professor Charlotte Suppli Ulrik