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Maja Thiele
Department of Medical Gastroenterology, Odense University Hospital

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Start 01.04.2013  
Slut 01.12.2020  

Incidence of liver disease in persons with current or previous alcohol overconsumption

Short summary

In Denmark approx. 500.000 persons have a damaging alcohol consumption level and 140.000 persons are dependent of alcohol. Alcohol overconsumption leads to a higher risk of liver disease. Today the symptoms of liver disease are often spotted too late in the development of the disease thus the possibilities for prevention and early treatment are limited.


This prospective study aims to determine the presence of liver fibrosis in patients with alcohol overconsumption, investigate diagnostic and prognostic markers for diagnosing early fibrogenic disease by non-invasive and minimally invasive methods. The cohort consists of 450 patients with ongoing or prior chronic, excessive alcohol use. The non-invasive methods to be used are:


  • Real-time quantitative shear wave elastography (a multi-dimensional method, which generate an atlas of the liver stiffness, so that the measurements can be made in the largest and stiffest area)
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  • Transient elastography (one-dimensional method)
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  • Protein Fingerprinting (blood samples analyzed for fibrosis markers)
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  • The Enhanced Liver Fibrosis test (an algorithm of three direct markers of fibrosis)
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  • M30 and M65 cytokine-18 based markers of apoptosis and necrosis
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Liver biopsies are taken to ensure the correct diagnosis has been made.


This project is part of the GALAXY consortium (Gut-and-liver-axis in alcoholic liver fibrosis), which is exploring the role of the gut microbiome in alcoholic liver fibrosis to improve understanding, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of chronic liver disease. Additionally, the following projects are also a part of the GALAXY consortium: OP_80 and OP_239.

Description of the cohort

The patients are recruited in the area of Odense from general practice, municipal alcohol rehabilitation clinics and patients referred for liver investigations at OUH. Ads will be made in newspapers and on the Internet.

Data and biological material

The project includes data from baseline inclusion, one follow up visit 12 months or more from baseline and clinical outcome data from patient files. Data is up loaded to OPEN Projects. There are data from blood analysis, histology, questionnaires and imaging diagnostics. Data is linked to register data from The Receipt Register, The Register of Cause of Death and The Danish Cancer Registry. Besides blood and liver samples for standard analyses, blood, liver tissue, saliva, feces and urine samples are collected for biobanking.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Research Unit for Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Medical Gastroenterology, OUH Odense University Hospital

  • Postdoc Maja Thiele, MD 
  • Professor Aleksander Krag

Publications associated with the project

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