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Research Consultant
Lene Falgaard Eplov
Mental Health Centre, Capitol Region of Denmark

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Projekt status    Sampling ongoing
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Start 15.01.2018  
Slut 15.01.2019  

Projekt Collabri Flex - The effect of a Danish model for collaborative care for people with anxiety and depression in general practice

Short summary

The study trials a Danish model for Collaborative Care for people with depression and/or anxiety, who are treated by their General Practitioner (GP). Every GP is provided with a care manager (a health care professional certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and experienced in providing mental health care), and a psychiatrist is employed full time to the team of care managers. The GP collaborates with the care manager in treatment, and is supervised by the psychiatrist.

The GP detects depression and/or anxiety in their patients and refer them to the study. The care manager carries out a psychiatric assessment. If the patient is included in the study, he or she is randomized to either treatment according to the COLLABRI Flex model or treatment by the GP with consultation liaison.


The study is developed from the COLLABRI study, where participants have been included and treated from November 2014 - December 2016. Unfortunately the cluster randomization of this study resulted in a lack of participants in the control group (treatment as usual). The design was therefore revised to COLLABRI Flex, with individual randomization and a consultation liaison group (as contamination cannot be avoided as all GPs have patients in both groups, and the GPs 'usual treatment' might be affected by the experiences in COLLABRI Flex treatment).

The purposes of the COLLABRI Flex studiy are to:

  • Develop af Danish model for Collaborative Care for patients with depression and/or anxiety in primary care based on the learnings from the COLLABRI study
  • Explore the effects of this model using selected outcomes (BAI and BDI) compared to consultation liaison for people with depression and/or anxiety in a randomized controlled design 

Description of the cohort

The cohort is people with depression and/or anxiety, who are being treated by their General Practitioner (GP). The cohort is recruited by the GPs, who are participating in the study (29 general practices in the Capital Region of Denmark). Depression and/or anxiety are detected by the GP, and the patient are referred to the study.

Data and biological material

No biological material is collected in the study.

The data are as follows:

  • Data on symptoms for depression and anxiety, and conclusions from the psychiatric assessment (conducted by the care manager)
  • Self assessment data form the participants collected via surveys at baseline and 6 months follow-up (primary outcome: BAI and BDI)
  • Clinical data (type of treatment and progress of treatment) on the patients receiving treatment according to the COLLABRI Flex model
  • Data on supervision on patients in the group receiving consultation liaison