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Christoph Patrick Beier
Department of Neurology, Odense University Hospital

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Start 01.04.2017  
Slut 30.04.2020  

Identification of pseudoresistant patients among patients with uncontrolled epilepsy - a prospective intervention

Short summary

This study aims at analyzing the impact of intensive treatment by specialist nureses on the outcome, quality of life and seizure control. Target group are patients with uncontrolled epilepsy that are refractory according to ILAE. Primary outcome is the proportion of patients that are identified as pseudorefractory, time-to epilepsy surgery is one of the secondary endpoints.


The ILAE definition of refractory epilepsy is challenged by the fact, that a substantial proportion of patients fails to become seizure free due to imcomplicance to medication, general rules of conduct, or due to incorrect diagnosis or epilepsy classification ("pseudorefractory patients"). These patients shall be identified using intensive treatment by epilepsy nurses with focus on pseudorefractory patients, while refarctory patients shall be rapidly referred to epilepsy surgery.

Description of the cohort

Patients with uncontrolled epilepsy.