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Trine Printz
Department of Otolaryngology, Odense University Hospital

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Start 01.02.2018  
Slut 31.01.2021  

Verbal dyspraxia - symptoms, diagnostics, and occurrence in Denmark.

Short summary

Odense University Hospital and Gentofte Hospital (Rigshospitalet) are the only two Danish hospitals that diagnose verbal dyspraxia (VD). This study collects data from Danish children referred to the two centers for assessment of VD. The aim is to collect a wide range of data and thereby achieve knowledge about VD and improve the diagnostic process.



VD, internationally known as CAS (Childhood Apraxia of Speech), is a subtype of the disorder dyspraxia, which affects motor function in isolated muscle groups. VD causes mild or severe specific speech deficits and can appear isolated or in combination with fine and gross motor dyspraxia, or oral motor dyspraxia (OD). An increasing number of Danish children are referred for specialized assessment. A child with VD usually requires very extensive and structured specialized speech therapy for several years to obtain a normal functional speech level.


No exact diagnostic criteria exist for VD, but partly documented clinical criteria exist. The purpose of this study is to achieve knowledge about the population referred for diagnostics to optimize the assessment procedure prospectively. Further, demographic data will help estimate the prevalence of VD and provide a basis for future health care planning and intervention in Denmark.


Description of the cohort

Children and youths, age 2-18 years with suspected VD referred to the dyspraxia clinics at Odense University Hospital, and Gentofte Hospital (Rigshospitalet). Thus, potentially children from all over Denmark.


Data and biological material

Data regarding the children's medical history collected from medical charts, parents, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, psychologist etc.


Clinical speech and language tests, assessment of ear and hearing, and oral motor control.


Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of ORL – Head and Neck Surgery and Audiology, Odense University Hospital.

  • Audiologoped Trine Printz, MA
  • Consultant Camilla Slot Mehlum, MD

Department of ORL – Head and Neck Surgery and Audiology, Gentofte Hospital, Rigshospitalet.

  • Consultant Nikoghosyan-Bossen, MD