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Ahmed H. Zedan
Department of Urology, Lillebaelt Hospital

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Start 01.04.2015  
Slut 31.03.2028  

PerPros (Personalized Management of Prostate Cancer)

Short summary



Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most common non-cutaneous cancer and the second most common cause of cancer-related death in men in the Western world. Currently, prostate-specific antigen

(PSA) is the major serum biomarker used for detection and monitoring of PCa progression.

However, the prognostic value of serum PSA levels is limited both with regard to diagnosis and monitoring of treatment due to low sensitivity and specificity. There are two serious challenges related to the diagnosis and treatment of PCa; namely over-diagnosis and over-treatment with significant consequences for patients and communities. Moreover, new therapies are under development, but the effects of these are not always predictable.

With advanced molecular genetic methods based on materials from PerPros Biobank, a better identification of men with non-aggressive disease from men with aggressive PCa is expected. Furthermore, PerPros seeks to find methods to predict efficacy in the treatment of aggressive disease. The focus of the PerPros is to find methods for a more personalized treatment of PCa, so that 1) men with non-aggressive PCa can avoid over-treatment and the resulting side effects, eg impotence and incontinence, and 2) treatment of aggressive PCa (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.). .) can become more controllable and predictable. If possible, this combined strategy will lead to better, more gentle and more efficient patient care, while reducing costs.

Description of the cohort

Blood and urine samples from patients referred for further investigation mainly due to high plasma PSA levels with suspected prostate disease are stored at the Vejle Hospital, Hospital Lillebæl and Esbjerg Sygehus, SVS. The material from the biobank is used for research both benign and malignant prostate diseases.

Data and biological material

Blood and urine samples

Full clinical data is stored in REDCap

Collaborating researchers and departments

-         Department of Urology, Vejle Hospital

-         Department of Urology, Esbjerg Hospital

-         Department of Oncology, Vejle Hospital

-         Department of Biochemistry and Clinical Immunology, Vejle Hospital

-         Department of Biochemistry and Clinical Immunology, Esbjerg Hospital

Publications associated with the project

microRNA expression in tumour tissue and plasma in patients with newly diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer, Tumour Biol. 2018 May


Circulating miRNAs in localized/locally advanced prostate cancer patients after radical prostatectomy and radiotherapy, Prostate. 2019 March