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Court Pedersen
Department of Infectious Diseases, Odense University Hospital

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Start 01.02.2009  
Slut 31.07.2014  

Biomarkers in sepsis

Short summary

We have established a biobank for future research with biological samples from well-defined acutely admitted patients with presumed infection. All were adults who had a blood culture test performed at admission. There are two cohorts, cohort 2009 and cohort 2014. 


Biomarker research in sepsis is dependent on biological samples from well characterized patients. Often patients are highly selected with risk of bias. We therefore decided to establish this biobank. The intention is that biobank related biomarker results should be combined with clinical data obtained through local hospital or national health registries.

Description of the cohort

Adults with a blood culture test done at hospital admission to the acute medical ward (2009, AMA and 2014, FAM).

Data and biological material

Plasma and blood cells (for DNA analyses). In addition, clinical and laboratory data has been collected for cohort 2009

Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of Infectious Diseases, Odense University Hospital

  • Professor and Consultant in Infectious Diseases Court Pedersen, DMSc

Acute Medicine, Odense University Hospital

  • Professor and Chief Physician Annmarie Lassen, DMSc