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Troels Bechmann
Department of Oncology, Vejle Hospital

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Start 01.04.2016  
Slut 30.06.2019  

Tocotrienol in combination with chemotherapy in breast cancer

Short summary

Tocotrienol is part of Vitamin E. Several studies have shown anticancer effect of Tocotrienol on malignant cells and some studies shows a neuroprotective effect that might reduce sideeffects during chemotherapy. 


This randomised phase II study will evaluate anticancer and neuroprotective effect of Tocotrienol (Vitamin E) during neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer.  This will be explored through the analysis of patological complete response during neoadjuvant chemotherapy as well as changes in natural killer cell activity, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and circulating tumor DNA.

Description of the cohort

80 women diagnosed with breast cancer receiving standard neoadjuvant chemoterapi with or without Tocotrienol.

Data and biological material

Serum and plasma samples will be collected during the neoadjuvant chemotherapy as well as pre- and postoperative.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of Oncology, Vejle Hospital

  • Consultant Erik Hugger  Jakobsen

Department of Clinical Immunology and Biochemistry, Vejle Hospital

  • Professor Ivan Brandslund