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Anette Søgaard Nielsen
Research Unit of Psychiatry, Institute of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark

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Projekt status    Sampling ongoing
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Start 01.01.2014  
Slut 30.06.2022  

Epidemiological analysis of patients with an alcohol use disorder seeking treatment at the alcohol treatment center in Odense (The clinical database)

Short summary

The clinical database consists of patient-related data, describing the patients at treatment start, at regular intervals throughout the treatment course and at the end of treatment. Furthermore, the clinical database contains information about the treatment given.   \n


The majority of the data in the clinical database is collected by means of the Addiction Severity Index (ASI), which is a structured and standardized questionnaire designed for use in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. The purpose of the questionnaire is to assess the alcohol or/and drug treatment needs for the individual patient. The questionnaire is structured so it is initially asked for some factually information such as housing situation, previous treatment, etc. Next, there are systematically assessment of seven different areas of the patients' life; Physical Health, Work and Economy, Drug Alcohol and Tobacco, Crime, Family History, Family and Social Relations and Psychiatric Status. For each area, 1) Actual information about the current and previous life situation of the patient, 2) The patient's own assessment of the extent of the problem and the need for support in the area concerned, and 3) The assessor's assessment of the patient's need for treatment/support on the subject area and the assessor's assessment of the patient's reliability and understanding of the questions. In addition to the initial tool, ASI is also designed to enable a status update on the treatment during or after the course of treatment, partly to compare and assess whether the focus the treatment was intended to be followed. In addition to the data collected by means of ASI, the database contains ICD-10 diagnosis and data collected by means of Beck's hopelessness scale in addition to a few scales developed locally. The population in the clinical database consists of persons who have started treatment in an outpatient alcohol treatment center in Odense, Denmark from the period January 2006 until today. The population is currently on 3,500 participants, but each time we receive new data, this figure will be increasing. All data are collected and stored by Alcohol Treatment Center, Odense Municipality and transferred to the Unit for Clinical Alcohol Treatment on a continuous basis. We are continuously making new projects, analysis and articles based on the clinical database. All data are completely anonymized during analysis and when reported. \n

Description of the cohort

People aged 18 years or older with an alcohol use disorder enter Alcohol Treatment Center, Odense Municipality.\n