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Bjarke Løvbjerg Viberg
Department of Orthopeadic Surgery, Lillebaelt Hospital, Kolding

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Projekt status    Planning
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Start 01.09.2018  
Slut 31.08.2020  

Non-operativ ACL-treatment

Short summary

ACL-rupture is a well known knee injury which can be treated surgically or non-surgically. For ACL-rupture patients treated with surgery we have a national database for follow up but we have no information about patients treated non-surgically. This study will prospectively collect data on non-surgically treated ACL-rupture patients with questionnaires and functional tests.\n


There are no good long-term follow-up studies of ACL-rupture patients (with MRI verified rupture or partial rupture) that are non-surgical treated and this study is a prospective cohort study with continuously collection of data. The data of interest are function in everyday life, stability and strength of the knee, returning to sports, knee specific questionnaites and functional tests. 


Patients are seen in the clinic and if there is indication for non-surgical treatment the patients will be asked for informed consent for entering data in the database. The patients will undergo rehabilitation at the municipalities physiotherapists and a number of functional tests will be performed at inclusion, after 3 and 12 months. The questionnaires will be sent to the patients after 6, 12, 26 and 52 weeks. 


Description of the cohort

Adult patients with ACL-rupture and indication for non-surgical treatment.\n

Data and biological material

Age, sex, job, activities, level of function, sports, questionnaries, information about the injury and test of knee function. \n