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Resident, PhD-Student
Simon Mylius Rasmussen
Department of Oto-, Rhiono- and Laryngology, Hospital of Lillebaelt, Vejle

Projekt styring
Projekt status    Sampling ongoing
Data indsamlingsdatoer
Start 01.10.2018  
Slut 30.09.2021  

Colour and Motion Magnification of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Surgery of the Head and Neck

Short summary

The project investigates the use of ordinary video recordings to distinguish cancer tissur from healthy tissue.


The distinction of cancer tissue is often determined by what the eye can see. Sometimes cancer tissue is left after surgery because the tissue looked healthy. Special colour characteristics can be magnified from ordinary video recordings. It has been shown that such magnification can visualize blood perfusion in skin. Since cancer has a high level of vascularisatn it is proposed that videomagnification can help find the margins of cancer tissue.

Description of the cohort

Adults with squamous cell carcinoma in skin or mucosa and patients undergoing ear-nose-throat surgery.

Collaborating researchers and departments

Department of Oto-Rhino- and Laryngology, Hospital of Lillebaelt

  • Clinical Associate Professor, PhD, MHM Lars Peter Schousboe

Department of Clinical Pathology, Hospital of Lillebaelt

  • Clinical Associate Professor, PhD Henrik Hager

Aarhus University School of Engineering-Electronics

  • Assistant Professor, Postdoc. Thomas Nielsen

Department of Organ and Plastic Surgery, Hospital of Lillebaelt