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Clinical Nurse specialist
Helle Poulsen
Department of Surgery, Kolding Hospital

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Start 01.09.2016  
Slut 30.09.2021  

Shared agenda during ward rounds

Short summary

The goal of this project is to develope, implement and evaluate digital tools to support patients and their relatives to participate as active partners in the planning of care and treatment.\n


Ward rounds is an important part of patient care, as it provides the forum where patients and their relatives can give and recieve information. However, the litterature shows that there is a limited patient involvement during ward rounds. This means that plans are made for and not with the patients. 


The purpose of this project is to develop, implement and evaluate digital tools, that can promote a shared aganda with the patients during ward rounds. 


The digital tools will constitute a patient app as well as digital learning devices for staff. The patient app will contain information to patients about their care and treatment. The digital learning divices are being devloped to increase the communicative competencies of doctors and nurses.


Description of the cohort

The project is implemented at Department of Gastrointestinal surgery, Lillebælt hospital, Kolding. The project includes the department's 60 doctors and nurses as well as the hospitalized patients, who are able to give concent and actively participate in the ward rounds.\n

Data and biological material

The digital tools are developed in a qualitative and user-engaging design. There will thus be an active involvement of the projects stakeholders. This ensures that the final design matches what is important and relevant to the users.


The data materiel will amount approx. 100 video recordings of the ward rounds at the department before and after the implementation of the digital tools.


The primary impact goal is the presence of an explicitly shared agenda in the ward round, assesed on the basis of patients and relatives participation, as well as staff communicative behavior.


Collaborating researchers and departments

Health Services Research Unit, Lillebælt Hospital 

  • Professor, Jette Ammentorp, PhD
  • Post doc., Maiken Overbeck Wolderslund
  • Ph.d., Else Dalsgaard Iversen

HC Andersens Childrens Hospital and Center for Innovative Medical Technology

  • Professor, Jane Clemensen, PhD