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Kristian Nørholm Jensen
Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care

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Start 01.11.2022  
Slut 31.10.2024  

"Propofol and Thiopental for intravenous induction in neonates: a dose-finding study"

Short summary

Propofol and thiopental are widely used as agents for intravenous induction in neonates. However, the pharmacodynamic effects of propofol and thiopental have only been scarcely investigated. The current study will establish the mean effective dose in 50% of both agents for neonates of different gestational (GA) and postnatal ages (PNA).


To establish more knowledge on the pharmacodynamic effects of an intravenous bolusdose of propofol and thiopental in newborn children.

Description of the cohort

Neonates (<29 days old) undergoing general anesthesia for surgical or diagnostic procedures.

Data and biological material

Demographic date. Clinical outcome data, both categorical and continuous.