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Anna Stage Vergmann
Department of Ophthalmology, Odense University Hospital

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Start 01.01.2019  
Slut 30.04.2020  

Can pre-training on abstract training modules affect the learning-curve in virtual vitreoretinal surgery?

Short summary

In the field of eye surgery, the Eyesi Surgical Simulator is being used for simulation training in surgical procedures. Four vitreoretinal modules have already been validated. Two of these are abstract modules and two are procedural modules. However, it is still uncertain whether the abstract modules contributes with a set of skills which should make the learning in procedure-specific modules more efficient. 


The aim of this prospective, randomised study is to investigate whether pre-training with abstract modules in virtual vitreoretinal surgery on the Eyesi Surgical Simulator affects the learning-curve positively when pro-ceeding to procedure-specific modules



Simulation training is an evidence-based learning tool used to obtain better skills in complicated surgical procedures. In the field of eye surgery, Eyesi Surgical Simulator is being used for that purpose. But the training program is not jet optimized. Before moving on to procedure-specific modules, the future surgeon needs to pass two abstract modules. With the abstract modules, the doctor is acquired to accomplice a set of skills which should make the learning in procedure-specific modules more efficient. However, it has not jet been demonstrated whether this theoretical transfer of skills is taking place. Consequently, time is used to train the abstract modules without knowing if these modules will make the future surgeon better equipped in the procedure-specific modules. \n

Description of the cohort

The subjects in this study will be medical students from University of Southern Denmark and University of Copenhagen, with no prior experience on the Eyesi Surgical Simulator.\n

Data and biological material

The primary outcome will be minutes used to reach plateau on the learning curve in the procedure-specific modules. \n

Collaborating researchers and departments

Simulation Centre, Odense University Hospital 

Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation

  • Professor Lars Konge 
  • Professor Morten la Cour 
  • Ann Sofia Skou Thomsen, PhD