OPEN Research Support

Associate Clinical Professor
Søren O'Neill
Institute of Regional Health Research, University Hospital of Southern Denmark

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Projekt status    Open
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Start 01.01.2020  
Slut 01.01.2022  

Pain threshold in the Region of Southern Denmark

Short summary

This project will collect data on pain threshold from a random sample of the background population in order to provide a set of norm-values for experimental pain sensitivity.


In the new IDC11 criteria, chronic pain due to functional changes in CNS pain processing are recognized as a diagnosis. There are however, no criteria by which such aberrant pain processing can be identified. This study will use a previously developed set of experimental pain tests to gather data on normal pain sensitivity, in order to identify abnormal pain sensitivity in future studies and ultimately in clinical practice.

Description of the cohort

A sample of the healthy background population.

Data and biological material

Data Experimental pain sensitivity measures (pressure pain, cold pain, conditioned pain modulation, temporal summation of pain) Also descriptive data (age, sex, clinical pain complaints, etc) No biological material.