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Competence Centre for Rehabilitation, Odense University Hospital, Odense, Denmark

Stina Meyer Larsen

Projektstatus Aktiv (optaget i OPEN)
Data indsamlingsdatoer
Start 01.09.2020
Slut 01.09.2025
Projektet i tal
OPEN undersøgelse/kliniske data
Forventet # af deltagere 20

Udvikling og afprøvning af en informations- og kommunikationsteknologisk (IKT) løsning til borgere med let apopleksi og deres pårørende

Short Summary

The following study is part of a larger research programme "Being in charge of my rehabilitation". The current study is an experience-based co-design study with the purpose of supporting individuals with mild stroke and their significant others experience of coherence in their rehabilitation process, by developing and testing an ICT-supported person-centred rehabilitation process.


Stroke is a universal chronic condition and it is a frequent, serious and disabling health-care problem world vide (Socialstyrelsen 2018, Langhorne 2011).

Studies have shown that even though patients with mild stroke only have mild neurological impairments, these impairments nevertheless results in changes that although not visible have overwhelming impact on their daily life and social networks.

The experience of stoke is thus a serious interruption in the everyday life for the individual with stroke as well as for their significant others (Törnbom 2019, Marwaa, Ytterberg et al. 2019).

It has been suggested, that ICT such as smartphones, tablets and computers can add value to the existing stroke rehabilitation (Zonneveld, Patomella et al. 2019). However even though ICT has been suggested as a contribution to the current rehabilitation practices, many of the ICT based applications available today is run without the involvement of health professionals and relevant medical evidence is therefore not systematically integrated (Zonneveld, Patomella et al. 2019).

Description of the cohort

The patients involved in all phases of the study are individuals who are 18 years or older, hospitalised with mild stroke, who are not engaged in stroke rehabilitation in a hospital setting and their significant others.

Stroke severity will be categorised according to Scandinavian Stroke Scale (SSS) (Govan, Langhorne et al. 2009). SSS scores of 43-58 is categorized as mild stroke.

The healthcare professionals included in this study will be physiotherapists and occupational therapists with experience within the field of stroke rehabilitation in hospital and municipal setting.

Data and biological material

Data from observations, individual and focus group interviews concerning involvement and coherence in the rehabilitation process

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